Google Places / Maps

Local SEO will ensure clients in your geographic region can find you online.

Google will also display a map, and list surrounding local businesses with search results. The Pigeon Algorithm has become very sophisticated. Google will automatically display search results relevant to your local area— even if you don’t enter your current city or location. The goal: provide the most relevant search results possible for users. And, it works.

Did you know that over 40% of online searches are local? And, that 80% of all mobile searches are for local services and products? The success of your legal website depends on how well you rank on local search results. An SEO optimized website is essential for every law firm.



Why Google Places Matters

Google Places is one of the fasted, and guaranteed ways to grow your law firm, increase your customer base, and drive up sales. 

Is your law firm on the map?  It’s a law firm marketing strategy that’s focused on driving targeted traffic to your website, and attracting local clients to your firm. 

Top-ranked businesses on Google Maps have the highest conversion rates.  And, this advantage can be difficult to achieve in today’s competitive marketplace.  Don’t rely on pay per click advertising to generate leads—take advantage of local SEO opportunities.  Online marketing companies specialize in the digital world.  We know how to get your law firm the exposure you desire, and help you grow your business long-term. 

Google’s Pigeon algorithm now organizes search results based on people’s location.  What does this mean?  When potential clients are looking for a local attorney on Google, they’ll often type in their city or town in the search bar— for example, “tax lawyer Ottawa.”  Google will take this information, and deliver targeted search results based on their geographic location.

Google Places: The Benefits

Let us Manage Your Google Places

Google establishes guidelines to decide which websites are more relevant than others, and ranks them accordingly.

SEO guidelines and standards are constantly evolving. And, it can be difficult for law firms to keep up with these changes— they simply don’t have the time. Trust our SEO experts to take care of the details for you, and get your firm the exposure you desire. A successful law firm marketing campaign is comprehensive and includes several SEO strategies: such as pay per click advertising, web design, local SEO, and off-page SEO strategies, to name a few.

Our law firm website solutions are customized to meet the needs of your firm, and geared to your legal practice area. SEO Business Solutions uses cutting-edge SEO techniques and strategies. And, we stay on top of all the latest industry trends at all times. Don’t miss out on valuable local business. Contact us today for a free website audit, and consultation.

Google Places: Can Clients Find You?

Showing up at the top of the map—or near the top—will lead to more website visits, more contacts, and ultimately more clients. Our experts will optimize your legal website so that you rank highly on Google Maps and Google Local+. We’ll make sure your law firm gets an edge over your competition, and gains authority in the eyes of searchers. SEO Business Solutions is results-driven, and focused on your success.

Local SEO will increase your online visibility where is matters most— in your local marketplace. We’ll make sure your law firm’s address and location show up on important maps, such as those used by Google and iPhones. We’ll also add your business to relevant local directories— which will increase the online visibility of your business in your local area. People are using mobile devices more than ever. Local SEO also guarantees that apps on smartphones can locate you quickly and easily.

Manage Your Online Reputation

“Word of mouth” travels fast online.  An online review is powerful—and can make or break your reputation.  Search engines display ratings and reviews for businesses and organizations—and these reviews tend to appear on the first page of search results.  Search engines also provide an interactive platform for clients to discuss your services.  That’s why monitoring reviews is an important part of local SEO optimization. 


Law firm marketing requires a long-term plan.  Our local SEO company will regularly monitor customer reviews on various websites using high-tech software. And, we’ll provide you with detailed monthly reports based on what we find— so you can more effectively manage your online reputation. 

Custom Law Firm Website Solutions

Our local online marketing strategies are comprehensive. And, every campaign includes NAP correction. We ensure that your NAP information— including your name address and phone number—appears on relevant websites and directories. We’ll also eliminate incorrect, duplicate, or conflicting information about your law firm on Google+, Bing local, Yahoo and other online platforms.

Correcting NAP information is essential for every law firm. When it comes to NAP information, consistency and accuracy are crucial. NAP correction will improve your ranking on local search results, and eliminate confusion for potential clients. The result: a strong online presence, brand consistency and client satisfaction.