Law Firm Marketing Services

Law Firm Marketing Services

Google establishes guidelines to decide which websites are more relevant than others, and ranks them accordingly.

Marketing your law firm online is a complicated process. Make sure you get the most of your Internet marketing efforts: hire an expert web developer to take care of all the details for you. Lawyer marketing is a niche market. Not every SEO firm has the knowledge, and legal experience necessary to make your website a success—but we do.

Search Engine Solutions will develop an Internet marketing strategy tailored to your legal practice area. We have the skills, experience and proven results you’re looking for. Internet marketing for lawyers is our specialty.

Contact us today for a free website audit and consultation.

In today’s Internet-savvy marketplace, websites are key for attracting new clients. We design websites that look attractive, and deliver results. Our focus: growing your business, and establishing your law firm as an industry leader.

Every website we create is user-friendly, and easy-to-navigate. Our design strategies are focused on optimizing the user experience. A well-organized website, with an engaging design layout, will attract visitors and encourage them to stay. Search Engine Solutions uses the latest design techniques to create an excellent first impression for your law firm.

Let’s face it: potential clients are going to judge your law firm’s website. And, websites that rank highly on Google’s search results are seen as more legitimate, trustworthy, and credible in the eyes of searchers. Establish a strong online presence, enhance your reputation, and build brand awareness a law firm SEO strategy. SEO is a great return on your investment, and will lead to sustained long-term business growth.

The best SEO solutions are focused on results. We’ll run a comprehensive SEO audit to evaluate the technical condition of your website, and competitive landscape. We’ll evaluate your current status online, and develop a personalized SEO strategy to improve your ranking on Google.

SEO Business Solutions uses advanced, cutting-edge SEO tools and techniques to optimize your website. Our approach is thorough: we’ll optimize everything from your URLs, headings, sub headings, text, meta-tags, images, load times, and more.

In the eyes of potential clients, credibility is everything. Well-written content will establish you as an industry authority online, and set you apart from the competition. We write copy geared towards your audience and legal practice area. Our content marketing plans include strategically written articles, blogs, newsletters, etc., and a schedule for periodic updates—to keep your content fresh, and interesting for visitors.

Google rewards websites with excellent content. A content marketing strategy is a great way to boost your ranking on top search engines, and improve your visibility online. We write SEO optimized, keyword-rich content—to help you attract targeted traffic to your website.

Developing long-term relationships with clients in a key to your success. A content marketing plan that includes engaging content will help make that happen.

Pay per click advertising will draw instant traffic to your website, and attract a steady flow of customers to your law firm. It’s an essential marketing tool for every law firm. Pay per click ads advertise your law firm on search engines, such as Google, and other relevant directories. Pay per click advertising a highly targeted marketing tool, and that’s what makes it so effective. How does it work? Your ad will appear on Google, Bing and other top search engines when people type in industry-specific keywords, such as “Family Lawyer” or “Lawyer Toronto” for example. This method ensures that your website attracts visitors that are interested in your legal services— which maximizes your return on investment and makes the most of your marketing dollars. And, as the name suggests, you pay for the ad only when someone clicks on it.

Over 40% of online searches are for local products or services. That’s why Google now organizes its search results based on geographically related keywords. Most law firms have a large local clientele base. They also rely on local clients to generate new leads. Make sure clients in your local city or town can find you with an SEO optimized website. Optimizing your website will also improve your online visibility where it matters most— in your local marketplace.

Did you know that top-ranked businesses on Google+ have the highest conversion rates? We’ll help your law firm get noticed on Google+ with an SEO optimized website. The result: a broadened customer base and increased sales for your law firm.

Have your website rankings dropped recently? If so, your website might have a Google penalty. We’ll help you find out with a comprehensive Google penalty assessment. Your law firm cannot afford to lose valuable traffic. Some of Google’s biggest penalties have caused websites to lose as much as 90+% in traffic for select keywords.

We’ll help you identify which penalty your website has, and develop a comprehensive plan to remove the penalty. And, if your website is beyond repair, we’ll suggest an alternative course of action, which might include a complete website overhaul and redesign. Either way, we’ll get your legal website back where it belongs in no time—at the top of search results and ahead of your competitors online.

Google is constantly changing its algorithms in an effort to improve search results. Don’t get hit off guard when this happens. We’ll help you stay up-to-date with Google’s ever-changing guidelines so your website maintains its high-ranking status, and doesn’t lose valuable traffic.

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