Google Adwords/ PPC

Google Adword's Pay Per Click gives you immediate results.

Does your law firm need to gain online visibility quickly? Do you want to attract qualified leads—and do you want them now? A pay per click (PPC) campaign can make that happen.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential marketing strategy for every law firm. An SEO search campaign will improve your ranking on Google, draw traffic to your website, and give you an edge over your competition. But, SEO takes time. Pay per click ads, on the other hand, give you immediate results.

Most law firms rely on word-of-mouth to grow their business, and gain clients. But, this strategy can take too long, especially for less-established law firms. Attracting qualified leads to your legal practice is not easy. Paid search marketing can speed up the process for you. Pay per click ads attract visitors who are interested in your legal services and, most likely, are ready to hire you.

What Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Paid search engine marketing is a great way to instantly draw targeted traffic to your website.

How does this work? PPC ads are displayed on the top of search engine results, and online directories, when searchers type in relevant keywords.

In this case, keywords might be “family lawyer,” or “lawyer Toronto,” for example. When visitors type in these words— specific to your niche market—your ad will appear at the top of Google and other search engines. A pay per click company chooses keywords carefully, so you get the most out of every PPC ad.

Your law firm not only appears on the first page of search results—it also appears at the top of the page. Why does this matter? Top-ranked websites—especially those on the first page—gain instant credibility and authority in the eyes of searchers. Top-ranked websites also get noticed first, before the competition. It’s easy to see why every law firm needs PPC advertising.

Our Pay Per Click Services

Maximize Your ROI with a PPC Campaign

Our PPC campaigns are highly targeted, and focused on your legal practice area.

As the name suggests, you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Pay per click marketing is a great way to maximize your return on investment (ROI)— because you can easily measure results— including sales, fees, and conversions. You can also target both local and global audiences.

Search Engine Solutions specializes in law firm web design, and legal marketing.  Mismanaged PPC campaigns can quickly turn into a waste of time, and a drain on your resources. Every PPC campaign we launch is strategically designed to meet your unique needs. Our goal: offer law firms the highest rate of return possible, for every ad clicked.

Our PPC campaigns are multi-channel, and include Google AdWords (both search and display), MSN Ad Center, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and social media outlets such as Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

We Ensure Your PPC Campaign is Successful

Every PPC campaign we launch is carefully monitored on a regular basis.

Successful PPC campaigns don’t run themselves. Pay per click ads require constant monitoring, optimizing, and testing. Every PPC campaign we launch is carefully monitored on a regular basis. Search Engine Solutions ensures that your ads are running smoothly at all times, to guarantee your long-term success.

A pay per click company tracks every ad individually, and examines how well its performing for your law firm. We consider several factors. Such as, how much traffic does each ad draw to your site? Are they qualified leads? And, how many leads turn into clients?

We use this data to adjust your PPC campaign and optimize your ads as time goes on. And, we provide your law firm with regular progress reports, and performance reviews. Our top priority remains the same: deliver long-term, measurable results for your law firm.

Google Adwords/PPC Campaign Experts

Our PPC campaigns are highly targeted, and focused on your legal practice area.

Every law firm business development plan requires a strategic online marketing strategy. Don’t miss out on qualified leads, and lose valuable traffic to your competition. Launch a PPC ad campaign today. Search engine marketing services, and pay per click advertising go hand-in-hand. Both are necessary for your law firm. Contact us for a free website audit and consultation. Search Engine Solutions has the legal knowledge, and PPC marketing expertise to make your campaign a success.

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